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Nissan keeps its eyes on the U.S. prize, but record loss looms

The automaker has declared a five-point plan to revive its flagging fortunes in the U.S., even as it braces for its worst operating loss ever.

Mitsubishi: Cut in N.A., freeze in Europe

The Japanese automaker is freezing new products for Europe and targeting marketing cost cuts in North America as it races to stanch red ink.

Cutting back car lineups sensible — to a point

Eliminating car models may make financial sense in the short term, but automakers run the risk of losing future customers for their high-end brands if they cut inexpensive, entry-level models from their lineups.

Is the worst behind for Detroit 3?

Ford, GM and FCA all credit strong operational execution and cost-savings measures for better-than-expected second-quarter financial results, but a continued recovery is far from certain.

Energy Department initiatives help drive innovation in the Motor City

The department is fostering work on a range of advanced technology initiatives that stand to benefit Detroit innovation in the future.